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Technology Versus Alternative....

Assalamualaikum w.b.t World of medicine has grown rapidly and recently goes beyond the limit since it started. Yesterday,while waiting for the senior doctors to come for rounds, I just sit at the corner and start reading a Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics (JARG).

I was just browsing the pages and suddenly my eyes cought something interesting, "In - Vitro maturation of oocytes via the pre-fabricated self-assembled artificial human ovary". Though still under the level of research but still humans are trying to create things which God has created. This research basically using Theca and Granulosa cells from the follicles of reproductive-aged group women,seeded into micro-molded gels and later self-assembled into complex 3D microtissues (artificial ovary).

The main purpose of this research is to help the women who has fertility problems mainly due to ovarian failure. It was an unbelievable yet interesting article for me.
Although there are billions and trillions of technology has been innovated in the world of medicine,still we cant put aside the alternative way of treating an illness.

There are many options in alternative medicine. For example,ayurverdic treatment where they use herbal products to cure the diseases or at least to control or prevent the illnesses. Apart from that, as a Muslim,we believe in the holy Al-Quran where it contains lots of secrets beneath it.
Here, I would to share few sentences from Al-Quran where we can practice to cure,control or prevent diseases. Collectively,it is knows as "6 ayat-ayat As-syifa".

  • Surah at-Taubah : 14

  • Surah Yunus : 57

  • Surah al-Nahl : 69

  • Surah al-Isra' : 82

  • Surah as-Syu'ara :80

  • Surah al-Fussilat :44

So,lets open the holy Al-Quran and start searching for these sentences along with the translation and May all of us get Blessing And Merciness from Allah..Insha Allah... :)

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